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As a small software company Founder or Sales VP, you know that consistent sales are the difference between your company running smoothly OR going-out-of-business.

When you fail to grow sales, it's because the interdependent systems you put in place to market & sell your offerings -- collectively called the SALES FUNNEL -- do not work together effectively.

When your SALES FUNNEL doesn't work, you experience critical breakdowns:

  • Low Win Rates because you can't find the right customers, don't have superior competitive position, and cannot develop an unassailable value proposition

  • Few Leads because your sales campaigns can't grab prospect attention, don't nurture interest in your solution, and cannot develop prospective buyers

  • Small Deal Sizes because you can't develop qualified buyers, don't demonstrate exclusive value, and cannot close profitable business

  • Long Sales Cycles because you can't lead customers to repeat-buy, don't secure annual renewals, and cannot develop customer references

With a BROKEN sales funnel in place, your sales productivity falters. You struggle to train your sales force (especially new hires). You can't retain sales managers. Expenses grow faster than revenues and choke your company's growth.

To dependably grow sales, your sales funnel must enable you to continually:

  1. Identify targets across diverse industries, markets, and functions

  2. Engage prospects to build interest in your offerings amidst a world of distractions

  3. Acquire customers against fierce competition or "no decision"

  4. Grow business with harried, preoccupied existing customers

So how do you meet these challenges and grow your company? Start by admitting your current sales funnel isn't serving you.


If you're like most small software company sales leaders for whom I've consulted, your sales funnel is a patchwork quilt of methods stitched together via trial-and-error over the course of years.

Instead of helping you grow your business, your BROKEN sales funnel is slowing you down and causing you to miss opportunities. It's DESTROYING your sales.

It's not your fault. All funnels are not created equal. Search Google for the term "sales funnel" and you'll get lots of pretty pictures and generic advice. Sales funnels are a dime a dozen.

But B2B software sales leaders can't use a vague, generic sales funnel. To meet the unique challenges and requirements demanded of you, you must implement the sales funnel PURPOSE-BUILT to sell software to businesses.


Just like a production line in a manufacturing plant, your sales funnel generates results based on how well each task works within the entire system.

In the first part of this online course, you will learn the EXACT sales funnel stages and PRECISE steps that business software sellers must follow to IDENTIFY targets, ENGAGE prospects, ACQUIRE customers, and GROW existing business.

This course introduces the four stages of the B2B Software Sales Funnel, shown below. It details the core tasks essential to each stage and explains how they work together. You'll get the complete picture of the B2B Software Sales Funnel - from beginning to end with no detail left out - that you can't get anywhere else.

With this knowledge, you can escape the trap of the generic, one-size-fits-all sales funnel and start driving sales in the right direction.


Knowing is half the battle. The other half is execution. To supercharge your sales machine, you've got to set the right priorities. You've got to know what to fix first, second, and last.

In the second part of this online course, you will SCORE how effectively your sales funnel is enabling your B2B software sales today. You will identify WEAKNESSES in your sales process that are causing opportunities to slip through your fingers.

Armed with this knowledge, you'll see just where your sales funnel leaves business on the table AND you'll know exactly what sales tasks you can improve to send sales soaring.


When you purchase this course, you GET the most specialized B2B software sales training in existence and the proprietary B2B software sales effectiveness diagnostic.

But you RECEIVE so much more. When you put this knowledge into practice you will:

  • TRANSFORM your unproductive sales funnel into a true revenue generation machine and grow sales faster than ever before

  • FOCUS your B2B software sales efforts on the areas of greatest return and save years of time

  • AVOID the sales & marketing missteps that plague small software companies and cost thousands of dollars

  • ON-BOARD new salespeople, marketers, and resellers into your business with a proven framework at minimum hassle and expense

Fixing a broken sales funnel is the most impactful step you can take toward boosting your sales. How much is sales growth worth to you?

Course Curriculum

  • 1


    • Why Your Sales Are Stuck

    • Revenue Equation & Sales Derailers

    • B2B Software Sales Funnel

    • Force Field Analysis

  • 2


    • Stage 1 Components

    • 1A. Understand Value Drivers

    • 1A. Understand Value Drivers - Full Example

    • 1B. Target Customer Persona

    • 1C. Determine Competitive Position

    • 1D. Establish Value Proposition

  • 3


    • Stage 2 Components

    • 2A. Generate Demand

    • 2B. Nurture Leads

    • 2C. Prioritize Prospects

    • 2D. Engage Prospects

  • 4


    • Stage 3 Components

    • 3A. Lead Discovery

    • 3B. Qualify Prospects

    • 3B. Qualify Prospects - Prospect Qualification Checklist (PQC)

    • 3C. Demonstrate Value - Counting Value

    • 3C. Demonstrate Value - Demo Best Practices

    • 3D. Close Business - Proposal Structure

  • 5


    • Stage 4 Components

    • 4A. Build Roadmap

    • 4B. Drive Upsells

    • 4C. Secure Renewals

    • 4D. Develop References

About the Instructor

Founder, Software Sales School

Gregg Nichols

Selling Software Isn't a "Transferable Skill." You can't succeed in B2B software sales using GENERIC SKILLS picked up from retail, insurance, finance, industrial, pharma, or publishing. The combination of product uniqueness, sales complexity, and continuous service requirements makes B2B software sales SUPREMELY CHALLENGING. Additionally, software is integral to today's business operations. No company can exist without it. That makes the B2B software seller STRATEGICALLY IMPORTANT to their customers. Conversely, almost no one provides proven frameworks and dedicated training for B2B software sellers. It is the LEAST SUPPORTED sales role in the field.This tension between great challenge, high importance, and low support makes B2B software sales highly prone to failure. Unmatched Expertise in B2B Software SalesSoftware Sales School trains customer-facing B2B software professionals to excel in this harshest and most misunderstood selling environment. I'm Gregg Nichols. As Founder of Software Sales School, I bring you unmatched expertise in business software sales. I’ve built REVENUE GENERATION ENGINES for 25 years. In that time, I’ve: ** Led sales, marketing, AND services groups ** Produced results in ALL FOUR STAGES of the sales funnel ** Trained HUNDREDS of sales, marketing, and consulting professionals And UNLIKE every other sales writer, sales trainer, and sales leader out there… I did ALL OF IT in the B2B SOFTWARE business. I can give you the guidance your business needs at every phase of your growth. I know what it takes to make customers successful with software and turn them into lifelong, repeat accounts. Accolades for Gregg Nichols Gregg is truly an executive coach with the credibility and intelligence to help leaders maximize performance. - Don R. | VP Services An extremely intelligent colleague, Gregg was professional, showed confidence in his work, created great rapport with customers, and showed great concern for knowing the customer's business. - Regina V. | Account Manager Gregg is a consummate professional with exceptional skills in technology to business alignment and communication. I would gladly work with Gregg again. - Mark H. | Chairman, PLM World