Your prospective buyers are bombarded by information every day. Stop your message from getting lost in the noise. Communicating strong, clear value for customers is the #1 key to effective sales & marketing. Learn to create powerful value propositions that grab attention, build interest, and turn prospects into customers.

Course Curriculum

  • 1


    • Sales Funnel Stages and Tasks

    • Sales Funnel Tasks

  • 2

    1. Elements

    • Translating Common Elements into a Software Value Proposition

    • Key Questions for Elements

    • EXERCISE: Deconstruct Your Current Value Proposition

  • 3

    2. Foundation

    • Researching Foundation of Your Software Value Proposition

    • Stage 1 Tasks Foundation Inputs

    • EXERCISE: Assess Your Value Proposition Foundation

  • 4

    3. Alignment

    • Aligning the Components of a Software Value Proposition

    • Sources for Value Proposition Alignment

    • EXERCISE: Align Your Value Proposition

  • 5

    4. Strength

    • Assessing the Strength of Your Software Value Proposition

    • Strength Factors of Your Software Value Proposition

    • EXERCISE: Score the Strength of Your Value Proposition

  • 6

    5. Maturity

    • Understanding How Your Value Proposition Matures

    • Value Proposition Maturity Stages

    • EXERCISE: Identify the Maturity of Your Value Proposition

  • 7

    Private Coaching

    • Add 2-Hours Private Coaching

    • Private Coaching - All Exercise Questions

About the Instructor

Founder, Software Sales School

Gregg Nichols

Selling Software Isn't a "Transferable Skill." You can't succeed in B2B software sales using GENERIC SKILLS picked up from retail, insurance, finance, industrial, pharma, or publishing. The combination of product uniqueness, sales complexity, and continuous service requirements makes B2B software sales SUPREMELY CHALLENGING. Additionally, software is integral to today's business operations. No company can exist without it. That makes the B2B software seller STRATEGICALLY IMPORTANT to their customers. Conversely, almost no one provides proven frameworks and dedicated training for B2B software sellers. It is the LEAST SUPPORTED sales role in the field.This tension between great challenge, high importance, and low support makes B2B software sales highly prone to failure. Unmatched Expertise in B2B Software SalesSoftware Sales School trains customer-facing B2B software professionals to excel in this harshest and most misunderstood selling environment. I'm Gregg Nichols. As Founder of Software Sales School, I bring you unmatched expertise in business software sales. I’ve built REVENUE GENERATION ENGINES for 25 years. In that time, I’ve: ** Led sales, marketing, AND services groups ** Produced results in ALL FOUR STAGES of the sales funnel ** Trained HUNDREDS of sales, marketing, and consulting professionals And UNLIKE every other sales writer, sales trainer, and sales leader out there… I did ALL OF IT in the B2B SOFTWARE business. I can give you the guidance your business needs at every phase of your growth. I know what it takes to make customers successful with software and turn them into lifelong, repeat accounts. Accolades for Gregg Nichols Gregg is truly an executive coach with the credibility and intelligence to help leaders maximize performance. - Don R. | VP Services An extremely intelligent colleague, Gregg was professional, showed confidence in his work, created great rapport with customers, and showed great concern for knowing the customer's business. - Regina V. | Account Manager Gregg is a consummate professional with exceptional skills in technology to business alignment and communication. I would gladly work with Gregg again. - Mark H. | Chairman, PLM World